At least 50 detained for fictitious export activities

Çetin Aydın - Hürriyet / Istanbul, March 20 () - Security forces organized simultaneous operations on Friday in 16 different provinces around Turkey, detaining a number of people alleged to be involved in fictitious export activities.

Istanbul’s financial crimes police department detained some 50 people, including textile company owners and other well-known figures in the sector. Five customs officials and some customs consultancy firm authorities were also among the detainees.

Meanwhile, a suspect identified as A.G., who was one of the perpetrators of the previous operation, is also reportedly included in the scope of this operation.

It has been alleged the companies caused 900 million Turkish Liras of damage to the state with the help of a fictitious export method.

Under this fictitious method, the targeted companies allegedly reduced the number of imported goods in the domestic market in order to escape tax and value-added-tax. In addition, the companies projected they exported manufactured goods with false documents.

Two of the suspects were taken to the security general directorate after they went through medical exams. The number of detainees is expected to rise as the operation progresses.


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